• NX Series Wet Location Emergency Lighting
    Ideal for parking garages, car washes and outdoor areas
  • CISM Series Single-Phase Fast-Transfer Inverter Systems
    Pulse Width Modulated/MOSFET technology
    EW Series an ideal candidate for most of today’s non linear light sources including incandescent, fluorescent, LED and Induction lamps.
  • CCXLE Series LED Combination Unit
    Long Life LED lamps provide bright and even illu- mination across the exit face

Carpenter Emergency Lighting is an independently owned US manufacturer of Emergency Lighting Products and Exit signs. Located in Hamilton, NJ., we pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive product line, affordable pricing, quick deliveries and unparalleled customer service.

We are proud to say that most of our products are still manufactured in the USA in our plant outside of Trenton, New Jersey. Our many years of industry expertise allow us to provide our customers with custom solutions for most any application.

Our niche has always been to be able to provide specialty, one of kind items to our customers without the hassle, expense and lead times associated with larger companies.

Our goal is to strive to be customer friendly, market driven, and simply to provide quality products for every application in a timely and affordable manner.

MEW Micro Inverter and EWL Mid size Inverter

MEW-SERIES-MICRO-INVERTER-SYSTEMSMeet the newest additions to our inverter product line! Both inverter systems offer a sine wave output making them ideal for today's LED fixtures. Since they feed the drivers, the result is 100% light output for 90 minutes.

Line voltage output allows for remote installations hundreds of feet away! Choice of capacity allows for right sizing of the products for any project. The MEW Micro inverter are available in sizes from 20 watts to 55 watts. Our existing EW series are available in sizes from 100 watts to 400 watts. The EWL is rated at 850 watts.

With these new additions, Carpenter can now offer sine wave Inverter systems from 20 watts to 50,000 watts; one of the most complete line ups available today! 

AWEL2 Outdoor Emergency Lighting

We hAWEL2-Wet-Location-Architectural-Emergency-Lightingave listened to our customers and improved on an already popular product. The AWEL2 has all of the attributes of the AWEL and externally looks identical.

But, the AWEL2 is different. It can be wired to be used as an ordinary outdoor lighting fixture, and also double as an emergency fixture.You have the choice to operate it as an emergency lighting fixture only, switch it on and off with a timer or local switch, or order it with a photocell to turn it on and off at dusk and dawn.

THE CHOICE IS YOURS! But the best part, the pricing remains the same!